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The itinerary is an example of our tours, we'll be pleased to design similar vacations with dates and itinerary customised to your personal preferences in Tailor Made Tours. Rates vary frequently. Please contact us to get the best possible price based upon your travel period and specific touring needs.

Vacation Packages

  • Classic Tours

     Classic Tours

    Classic tours with Vietnam Family Travel - We are unique among Vietnam tour operators! Book one...More

  • Muslim Tours

    Muslim Tours

    Muslim tours with Vietnam Family Travel- We are one of the best Vietnam international tour...More

  • Vietnam Golf Tours

    Vietnam Golf Tours

    From the jagged mountains and verdant rice paddies in the far north to the lush south and the...More

  • Family Holidays

    Family Holidays

    "Travelling with children in S.E. Asia". In days gone the Far East was regarded exotic,...More

  • Vietnam Cruises

    Vietnam Cruises

    Classic tours with Vietnam Family Travel - We are unique among Vietnam tour operators! Book one...More

  • Northwest Tours

    Northwest Tours

    "Stunning scenery and remote villages" - The remote northwest of Vietnam appeals to those wanting...More



    Vietnam Family Travel are able to provide our clients educational trip for observation, research...More

  • Honeymoon Tours

    Honeymoon Tours

    If you’re the sort of person who wants honeymoon packages that are more than a standard...More

  • Adventure Tours

     Adventure Tours

    What about something different this year? Try a fully customized adventure vacation from a...More

  • South Central Tours

    South Central Tours

    South Central Vietnam - Home to some of Southern Vietnam's best beaches. South-central...More

  • North Central Tours

    North Central Tours

    Lets be honest here -- not many travellers spend much time in north central Vietnam primarily...More

  • Highland Tours

    Highland Tours

    Highlands - A terrific off the beaten track region of Vietnam! Vietnam's Central Highlands...More

  • Beach Tours

    Beach Tours

    "Shopping and ancient palaces" - The Ben Hai River in Central Vietnam marks the 17th parallel,...More

  • SIC Tours

    SIC Tours

    You will joint in a group and travel with another tourists. This way will be save your budget if...More

  • Multi-country Tours

    Multi-country Tours

    Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia - Thai LandMore

Honeymoon Tours

If you’re the sort of person who wants honeymoon packages that are more than a standard tour or beach holiday dressed up with a bottle of cheap champagne and a candlelit dinner, take a look at our exotic honeymoons and romantic spa vacations in Vietnam!

Travel with Vietnam Family, and the term ‘honeymoon packages’ takes on a new meaning. Instead of a hackneyed ‘one size fits all’ standard programme, we design honeymoon vacations individually, so you can have exactly what you want. You tell us what you think romantic vacations should be like, and we'll put your wishes together and make them happen!

Vietnam as a honeymoon destination?

If you’re dreaming about the usual honeymoon vacations in places such as St. Lucia, the Seychelles or the Maldives, and you don’t mind spending a small (or often large) fortune, Vietnam is probably not for you. We’re offering something out of the ordinary, far removed from the sentimental pre-packaged ‘romantic’ formula.

On the other hand, if you're someone who believes marriage is an adventure, our honeymoon vacations in Vietnam can combine active and/or cultural holidays with romantic vacations and exotic honeymoons. Whether you prefer digging your toes into soft coral sand while a warm breeze and an azure sea gently caresses you, wandering through ancient cities and monuments, meeting fascinating ethnic minority cultures, scaling mountains, or diving on coral reefs, Vietnam has it all, and more besides.

Perhaps a Vietnam spa vacation?

Our Vietnam spa vacations offer natural hot springs and mud baths, luxurious 'wellness' resorts, theraputic fitness regimes, diets and treatments, all in exotic tropical surroundings. Vietnam spa vacations fuse the best of the 'west' with ancient oriental remedies, massage and treatments to rejuvenate mind and body. An exotic honeymoon indeed!

Why choose a tailor-made honeymoon?

There are many reasons. First of all, you can have exactly what you want. Most honeymoon packages are inflexible, or offer only a selection of options. With  Vietnam Family Travel, there are no limitations: unless it’s physically impossible, we can arrange it for you.

Another example is flexibility. Dates are immaterial to us – you can travel whenever you like. If you have to change your wedding date for some reason, it won’t affect your honeymoon – we’ll just rearrange things to fit your new schedule (we don’t charge for making the amendments, no matter how many changes you make). No surcharges, no inflated prices at peak times, and no small-print ‘extras’!

Why choose us?

In simple terms – because we care! We know that honeymoon vacations are the most important holidays in most people’s lives. We are fully aware that weddings are often hard work, and sometimes quite stressful, and we appreciate the weight of expectation that hangs upon it.

Our customers are nearly always amazed by the level of service they receive and our meticulous attention to detail. For honeymoons and romantic vacations we pull out all the stops! ‘Good’ is inadequate, ‘excellent’ is acceptable, ‘perfect’ is the target!

Surely such high quality and personal attention is well above our budget?

Maybe, but probably not! The little extras that we add to our tailor-made honeymoon packages are our wedding gift for you – we don’t push our margins up for such ‘special’ touches.

Ask for a draft Vietnam honeymoon vacation programme – it won’t cost you anything, and you won’t be pestered if you’re not interested. However, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!